Breast Cancer

Coordinator:  Joaquín Arribas / Co-coordinator: Federico Rojo

Breast cancer is the type of cancer with greatest incidence among the women in this country and the main cause of death by cancer in European women. Although the survival of patients with this type of cancer has increased over recent years, a small number of them, mainly those with metastasis, continue to be incurable. For this reason there needs to be more in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms involved in its progress and lack of response to current treatments.

The CIBERONC Breast Cancer programme represents a multidisciplinary and collaborative integration of 7 research groups specialising in this pathology to tackle its main problems from basic science to the more clinical aspects.

Lines of research:

  • Incorporation of translation studies to clinical research trials already got under way.
  • Development of liquid biopsy.
  • Dynamic evolution of breast cancer.
  • Generation of preclinical models for the study of immune therapies.
New therapies, resistance to drugs and mechanisms connected with the physiopathology of breast cancer


Main ResearcherConsortium InstitutionRegions
Ana Lluch Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria INCLIVA Valencia
Atanasio Pandiella Centro de Invetigación del Cáncer Salamanca
Joan Albanell Hospital del Mar Cataluña
Amparo Cano Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Madrid
José Palacios Hospital Ramón y Cajal Madrid
Joaquin Arribas Instituto de Investigación Oncológica Vall d'Hebrón Cataluña
Miguel Martín Hospital Gregorio Marañón Madrid