Joaquin Arribas's group seeks for highly motivated and talented postdoctoral candidates with a strong background in cancer biology, to join the lab

The group focuses on cancer biology research with a truly translational approach.

We have generated a comprehensive platform of patient-derived experimental models from breast and pancreatic cancer. More recently, the group has implemented Humanized PDX models (Hu-PDXs) as a successful tool to characterize anti-tumor immune therapies.

Our research lines center on Translational research against HER2-positive tumors including the characterization of mechanisms of resistance to current therapies, the development of novel therapies and the preclinical characterization of T cell-based therapies against HER2 positive tumors. The Characterization of the role of cellular senescence in breast cancer progression and treatment, and the Evaluation of novel anti-cancer therapies in our panel of breast and pancreatic cancer patient-derived models.

Candidates must have at least one first author publication in a prestigious journal.


  • PhD in life sciences.

Experience and knowledge

  • Experience in translational oncology research.
  • Experience with cellular and animal models for oncology research
  • Experience in animal experimentation
  • Experience in molecular biology techniques
  • Good communication skills, fluent English
  • At least one first author publication in a prestigious journal

Applicants should send a full Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to

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