Post-doctoral position available

The candidate will work on the proof of concept of efficient anti-leukemic action of CAR-ProTcells in

two models of human leukemia engrafted in NSG mice.

In practical NSG mice engrafted with leukemic cells will be derived (the first will use the Nalm6 cell

line) and the proof of concept of anti-leukemia effect of CAR-ProTcells will be looked after. In a second

time, a model established with human leukemia from patients will be developed and tested as

mentioned before to prove the clinic relevance of CAR-ProTcells against B-ALL.

This B-ALL model will help develop a second more novel part of the project, aiming at using CARProTcells

against another type of aggressive children leukemia, the Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia.

The post-doctoral researcher will work within the Nich&Canc/Hem lab, in close-contact with the R&D

team of Smart-Immune, and the laboratory of human lymphohematopoiesis of Imagine Institute, Paris.


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