Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Training and Mobility Programme

Coordinator: Gema Moreno /Co-coordinator: Arkaitz Carracedo 


The cross-cutting training program of CIBERONC has the main objectives of promoting visibility and research training in the field of oncology for young researchers, as well as facilitating the interaction and dissemination of research among different groups within CIBERONC. To achieve this, the program includes various activities detailed below, aimed at supporting researchers in the process of establishing their scientific careers.

Mobility Activities:

The CIBERONC mobility grants are directed towards predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers who are members of CIBERONC and wish to undertake a research stay of up to 3 months in another research group. This activity aligns with one of the main goals of CIBERONC, which is to maximize the translation of research results into clinical practice. These grants aim to enhance, among other aspects, the interaction between clinical and basic research groups.

Currently, there are no open calls.

Research Initiation Activities:

The Research Initiation activity aims to facilitate the paid integration of young CIBERONC researchers into a research group. These grants have a duration of 6 months and are aimed at master's students or recent graduates with an interest in pursuing a doctoral thesis in the field of oncology.

Currently, there are no open calls.

Training Activities:

One of the program's objectives is to contribute to the advancement of our CIBERONC researchers. To achieve this, support is provided to promote the organization and participation in high-quality training courses in oncology for predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, as well as the training of technical support staff in specialized methodologies. These activities also aim to provide professional guidance and/or job placement for younger researchers.

Currently, there are no open calls.

Below, we provide some statistical data regarding participation and the budget allocated over the years for the various types of calls.

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Other Actions:


The Young Researchers’ Meetings are an annual event that brings together all those young individuals who are shaping their professional careers towards research. The purpose of these meetings is to provide an appropriate platform for communication and exchange, allowing young researchers to present and defend their most recent work within a specialized scientific environment. The meetings are entirely organized by young CIBERONC researchers, thereby contributing to the development of our researchers, CIBERONC members, in acquiring the necessary skills related to the organization of scientific gatherings.

Statistical data on the annual attendance at the Young Researchers’ Meetings.

VI Young Researchers Meeting 2023:

V Young Researchers Meeting 2022:

IV Young Researchers Meeting 2021:

III Young Researchers Meeting 2020:

II Young Researchers Meeting 2019:

Testimonials from some of the recipients of the grants:

Ferrán Araujo, recipient of a mobility grant (II call, 2022):

"My doctoral thesis is part of a collaborative project with Dr. Carlos de Andrea's laboratory, which is part of Dr. Melero's CIBERONC group. Thanks to the CIBERONC mobility program, I completed a 1-month A2-type (inter-program) stay in Pamplona, where I learned the multiplex immunofluorescence technique and worked on optimizing new antibodies of interest for my project."

Macarena Alonso, recipient of a mobility grant (II call, 2022):

"My experience during a stay at the University of California San Francisco, thanks to CIBERONC mobility grants, has been simply extraordinary. I learned a wide range of cutting-edge techniques and had the privilege of being part of an inspiring laboratory, where I actively participated in their research and activities. This experience taught me to be independent and find solutions on my own, giving me great confidence and autonomy. I highly recommend other students to pursue these grants, as for me, it has been a decision that has greatly benefited me, both in my scientific and personal development."

Luis Galan, recipient of a Training grant (I call, 2023):

"In relation to the grant, it allowed me to attend the International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH) conference held last August in New York, where I presented the work I have been doing during my thesis. This grant has given me a boost to get to know the scientific community and the cutting-edge research being conducted in the field of hematology, and I am very grateful to CIBERONC's training and mobility program for that."

Pablo Ovejero Romero, recipient of an Initiation to Research grant:

"After obtaining a degree in Biotechnology and a master's degree in Regenerative Medicine in Madrid, I was fortunate to come across the CIBERONC Training and Mobility program that offered an 'Initiation to Research' grant. Being a beneficiary of this grant gave me the opportunity to move to Barcelona to take my first steps in the scientific academia at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute (HMRI). Under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Joaquín Arribas, Principal Investigator of the Immune Redirection group, and Dr. Enrique Javier Arenas, I have enjoyed a scientifically rewarding experience. Additionally, thanks to my development in the laboratory within the group, I was able to apply for a Ph.D. program in Biomedicine at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) to culminate my academic experience while I delve into the scientific world."