Training and Mobility Programme

Coordinator: Amparo Cano /Co-coordinator: Gema Moreno

CIBERONC Training Programme

The Training Programme (Spanish - PF) is a transversal programme at the CIBERONC with the main aims of promoting the incorporation of young researchers, increasing training in the field of oncology and facilitating interaction and dissemination of research among the different groups in the CIBERONC.

The content of this programme has been spread over three different sub-programmes which set out to cover and give support in the main areas where this is required in the process for training our present and future researchers in order to attain the aforementioned aims.

Mobility sub-programme

As a thematic area of a cooperative centre, CIBERONC wishes to promote interaction between the researchers in its groups and with those from external groups. CIBERONC mobility grants are intended for any CIBERONC predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers wishing to stay for up to 3 months at another research group. In keeping with one of the main aims of the CIBERONC, that of maximising the transfer of results to clinical practice, this aid will attempt to give special encouragement to interaction between clinical and basic groups.

Sub-programme for initiation to oncological research

This sub-programme seeks to facilitate the integration of young CIBERONC researchers during the period from the end of their degrees to the start of their doctoral theses. These grants are thus aimed at master students or recent graduates with great interest in writing a doctoral thesis in the oncology field, enabling them to start as CIBERONC grant holders for a period of up to 6 months.

Training sub-programme

In order to make a contribution to the excellence of our researchers, the training programme provides aid for promoting organisation and participation in oncology courses of high training quality for predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, as well as training technical personnel in specialised techniques. Similarly, this programme also seeks to provide professional guidance and/or professional integration for its younger researchers.

Other measures:

  • Annual meeting of young CIBERONC researchers.
    • CIBERONC will finance up to a total sum of 4000€ to facilitate the organisation of the Annual Meeting of Young Researchers which is to be held as part of the Annual General Meeting of the CIBERONC.
    • Prizes for the best papers of young researchers.
    • Through an “ad hoc” commission, the coordinator of the training programme and the scientific director will select and award prizes for the best papers written by young CIBERONC researchers in the fields of basic and clinical research and intramural collaborative projects.