Scientific Director’s Welcome

Dear friends,

My warmest welcome to the CIBERONC, the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Cáncer, investigating one of the most frequent causes of death in the developed world.

This centre, to which many of the best groups in cancer research in Spain belong, was preceded by a cooperative research structure: the Red Temática de Investigación Cooperativa en Cáncer (RTICC). In actual fact, the work done by the RTICC over its thirteen years’ operation under the management of Dr Eugenio Santos has made setting up the CIBERONC far easier. Based on this prior experience, and taking advantage of all the organisational advantages of belonging to a CIBER, we now have a chance to head more quickly towards achieving our basic aim: improving the reality of the cancer patient.

In order to achieve this aim, CIBERONC has 50 research groups located in the main centres all over Spain. These groups have adopted a structure of 6 scientific programmes, 5 focussing on the major challenges in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most prevalent neoplastic typologies. The sixth works on better understanding how malignant cells work as a way to use their weaknesses in the development of new precision therapies. The CIBERONC also has a transversal training and mobility programme which will contribute to generating excellence among our present and future researchers.

We trust that this web page will be useful not only as a tool for communication between members of the CIBERONC, but also as a window open to society, very particularly for oncology patients and their families. You will thus be able to find information in the different sections of the web page on how we are structured, who forms part of the CIBERONC and what the outcome of our work is.

Thank you for visiting the CIBERONC web page. I am at your disposal to help you with any matter you feel may be of interest.

Best regards,

Dr. Anna Bigas

Scientific Director of the CIBERONC