Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Mission and objectives

The main aim of the Consorcio Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Cáncer M.P., (CIBERONC) is to promote excellence in oncology research in Spain, as well as to incorporate new findings to clinical practice.

In order to attain excellence, CIBERONC will promote the cooperation of 50 of the best national research groups in cancer. CIBERONC will also pursue an increase in the quality of its researchers by means of a transversal training and mobility programme.

In order to ensure the integration of the results of our research in patients’ treatment, there is a balance between basic and clinical researchers in all CIBERONC structures. The central objectives of each programme are furthermore intended to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

Last, but not least, our centre wishes to narrow the gap between scientific knowledge and society. We will therefore clearly explain the benefits of our research to the general public by means of different endeavours.

CIBERONC has thus adopted a structure with the following specific aims:

  • To carry out joint programmes for research, development and innovation in the cancer area.
  • To contribute to solving the problems faced by healthcare in the field of oncology.
  • To promote the participation of research groups in national and international research activities, especially the ones included in European R+D+I Framework Programmes.
  • To promote the transfer of results of research processes to society and in particular to the production sector.
  • To promote the dissemination of its activities and the training of researchers in the cancer field.